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Poisonous Puffballs

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Poisonous Puffballs is a C2 COB by Allekha that modifies the puffballs to be interactable and act more like a weed. It was released for the CCSF 2022, and it makes the following changes:

  • Puffballs can be eaten and are poisonous. Eating them gives 50 belladonna and 100 triptophan
  • Puffballs can be pushed and doing so is slightly painful (10 pain increase)
  • Puffball spores can be eaten. They remain classified as seeds and are not poisonous. Eating them gives 40 starch, fat, and hunger decrease.
  • Puffball spores that decay will add 5 organic nutrients to the soil.
  • To help prevent extinction, if a puffball cannot see any other puffballs nearby when it creates seeds, its seeds will be invisible to creatures, so they will not get eaten.

Removing the COB restores the original scripts.