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Plant Norn

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The Plant Norns are made by Marcus K.. Like plants, they need light and some detritus or manure (agent provided in the download package) to grow and prosper. You can download this breed at Eemfoo's Archive. You will notice that once installed, your egg layer will hold several different kinds of Plant Norns:

male Plant Norn
female Plant Norn
  • Nettle ("Brennessel")
  • Bonsai
  • Dandelion ("Löwenzahn")
  • Sequoia ("Mammutbaum")
  • Toadstool ("Giftpilz") (comes with a special agent)
  • Carnivorous plant ("fleischfressende Pflanze")
  • Water plant ("Wasserpflanze")
  • Lichen ("Flechte")
  • Rose
  • Bamboo ("Bambus")

Each of these different Plant Norn species has particular genetic characteristics.

The Plant Norn sprites occupy Grendel slot P.

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