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Plague Ettin

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Plague Ettins

The Plague Ettins were created by Snapdragon for C3 and DS using the C3 Ettin sprites as a basis. Although superficially similar to the Toxic Norns, they are not genetically related.

The purpose of the Plague Ettin is to bring biological warfare to the Warp. Their alleged Shee creator, Dr Moreau, intended to send them, sneezing and coughing, into Albia to annihilate the populace, but they destroyed him and fell into space during the Albian volcanic eruption.

A gregarious nature, an attraction to all things unclean, and extremely prolific breeding habits make the Plague Ettins particularly bad associates for almost all other creatures. They are in fact unable to survive without bacterial infection, their digestive processes being disrupted, leading to malnutrition and death. Unlike Toxic Norns, they need a supply of normal food to survive.

The Plague Ettins can be downloaded from the Wyvern's Lodge.

A CFE version of the genome was available at Creaturetopia, but is now available to download through EemFoo's Archive.

Note: NornenMeister converted the Plague Ettins with permission from Snapdragon for C2.