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C3piranha ingame.png

Piranha (Viscious fiscious)[edit]


The insatiable Piranha is, without a doubt, the most vicious member of the Jungle Terrarium ecosystem - it eats virtually anything that moves, creature and critter alike! It is a unique fish in that it is capable of surviving in both salt water and fresh water . If not contained in its own pond, an infestation of piranhas can be nearly impossible to exterminate -

A group of piranhas enjoys a grisly meal.

and delicate ecosystems like that of the Marine Terrarium may take a very long time to recover.

The piranha pond is located at the far right side of the Jungle Terrarium, with a trap door over it - the piranhas can be put to good use eliminating grendels if one is willing to create a contraption to lure the brutes in.

The piranha is also a real terran fish.

Food web[edit]

Predators: Prey:
None known Everything!

Real life[edit]

Viscious fiscious appears to be based off the real life red-bellied piranha, Pygocentrus nattereri. Contrary to stereotypes of piranhas in popular culture, piranhas are not vicious predators that devour prey within seconds. Piranhas are omnivores, mostly consuming already deceased carcasses and plants. Piranhas are pack animals for safety, not for hunting. The archetypal image of piranhas ripping apart prey are very, very, very rare and are a last resort in times of famine or high danger.

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