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Pie Machine

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Finally, a Pie Machine for Albia. It sends out pies, cherry pies that are high in sugar and very nutritious! Ha ha ha! Any Creature eating the pie will recieve the following: NFP- 150, Hunger- 250, Reward 250, Reinforcement 100, Starch 250, Alcohol 25, VitaminE 25, VitaminC 25, Dancing 100. The pies are explodable by the divine power of the hand - destroy small chunks of Albia responsibly. This is very tasty pie, yes. Use it wisely.

Made by Ettin Shee

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 6 80
  • 2 13 80
  • 2 8 28

This Cob was previously hosted on Abnornal, but that site has gone down. You can now download the Pie Machine at GirlySatan's Creatures Webpage here and also at Eemfoo.org.