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All three Phoenixes

The Phoenix is a critter COB for Creatures 2. It is a small red bird with sprites based on the Creatures 3 woodpigeon that is injected above the Desert, from which it circles Albia looking for creatures to sing to. Creatures that hear its song experience a rise in Sex Drive. Only one can exist in a world; attempting to inject another will instead move the camera to the existing Phoenix.

The author and source of this COB is unknown.

The Phoenix inspired two derivative COBs by Nina that were previously hosted on Iggdrasil: the Blue Phoenix and the Snow Phoenix. The Blue Phoenix lowers creatures' Sex Drive instead of raising it, while the Snow Phoenix reduces Fear, Anger, Loneliness, and Stress. Like the original, only one Blue Phoenix and one Snow Phoenix can be present in a world, and trying to add more will just show you where the first ones are; however, all three Phoenixes can exist in the same world at the same time.

The original versions of all three Phoenixes had various problems, namely cleanup issues on the sprites, "jumpy" animations, effects that could be potentially confusing or detrimental to creatures (raising Hotness and Glycogen), and not exhibiting the in-game behavior their scripts imply they were intended to. They also all used the same sound effect, and the Snow Phoenix would entirely fail to inject. In addition, they were visible to creatures, which could lead to a feedback loop where a creature is targeted by a Phoenix, begins to follow it, is targeted by the Phoenix again, and so on. These issues were fixed by Jabber, with coding assistance from Verm, bedalton, and ligfix, for the version 2.0 upload to Creatures Caves.


  • The bird call used for the Phoenixes' sound effects is that of a skylark.

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