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Phate (aka Epothos, Wolfnorn) was a frequent JRChat regular who started playing Creatures when he was 11 years old. He then moved on to take LummoxJR's COBbing lessons and moved on to become a decent COBbler at the age of 12.

Then he found the nifty little applet called JRNet, and learned to use that as well. He has created many websites over the years, as well as over 100 COBs. His personal record for making a C1 cob (crappy artwork and all) is seven minutes, thirty four seconds.

Phate announced his departure from the CC in September 2006 (Around his birthday, which jammed a stick up his bum, making him quite grumpy, but who could blame him? He's getting old). However, as of August 2007, he has not left.