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Phantom (Graham Watson) has been a member of the Creatures Community since at least 1998. He is probably best known for his website, The Creatures Match, in which creatures (norns, ettins and grendels) are matched against one another in a customized version of Albia or the Shee Ark, and observed (with some occasional intervention) until one of the contenders dies. Accused by some of norn torture, the site was nevertheless quite popular, and he continued running matches through the Creatures 3 era. Rumours that Phantom undertook an illicit Ettin-pawning operation as a sideline to help fund the matches were never confirmed (down, formerly at phantomwatson.com/phantom/pranks/Phantom%20-%20Pawning%20Ettins.mp3).

Following his involvement in the Creatures Community, Phantom became a host and producer of a wide variety of live entertainment events in Indiana (primarily music festivals, burlesque shows, and gameshows), a full-time web developer, a martial arts instructor, and a bounty hunter, and burned out the remainder of his free time on the boards of directors of various nonprofit arts groups.

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