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Petz Treat Pack

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The 5 agents contained in the pack.

The Petz Treat Pack is a group of 5 agents made by Laura for Docking Station, released for the CCSF 2013. The sprites for each agent, and the food most of them vend, are taken from the P.F. Magic-created Petz games.

  • The Candy Heartz Box vends Candy Hearts. Eaten by a creature, they reduce anger and homesickness, while increasing sex drive. This somewhat mimicks the hearts' behaviour in the Petz games, where being eaten by a pet would raise its willingness to breed.
  • The Cotton Candy Treat Box vends cotton candy. When eaten, it reduces anger and homesickness, along with the normal food stimuli.
  • The Hot Soup is a food item that reduces coldness when eaten. The mug seems to be bottomless, as creatures can "eat" it without it running empty. This is known as the Hearts Mug in the Petz games, where it also has 2 visual variants that all behave the same.
  • The Olive Treat Dish vends olives and provides a source of protein.
  • The Popcorn Treat Box vends popcorn, which also reduces anger and decreases homesickness.

It is available to download at EemFoo's Archive.