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Pear Tree

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The Albian Pear Tree (Prius albians) by Daniel Smallman bears a typical pear.

The lifecycle of Prius albians[edit]

When first installed, the pear tree will appear as a small red seed next to the temple. This seed will continue growing at a certain pace, until it has reached maturity. You will know this when you see it has developed a light brown trunk with a few branches and small green leaves resembling those of a Maple tree.

The Pear Tree won't flower until it has reached its maximum height. This is when it will produce the beautiful pink blooms that chracterize it. These beautiful flowers can only be pollinated by bees and cloud butterflies, so make sure you have injected them into Albia by the time it's ready. You will probably find that the bees are usually the insects that pollinate most of the flowers, but if you want them to get to the tree, don't forget to plant a few Beelacanth plants around it :).

Once the flower dies (and if it has been fertilized) one pear will appear in its place. The pear is a nutritious fruit when ripe, but toxic if eaten rotten. When a pear rots, it changes to a brown colour.

When eaten ripe, they have the following effects on the norn:

When a Norn eats a rotten fruit though, watch out!

The pear tree will flower again, so don't worry if the flowers weren't fertilized the first time. :)

This COB uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 4 75
  • 2 4 76
  • 2 6 65

It clashes with: LummoxJR’s Tutorial 1 Cheese (LummoxJR), Xmas Presents (Daniel Smallman), Big Burger (Helen), Lemon Pie (Helen), Wrapped Chocolates (Helen).

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