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Paw-paw Juice

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Paw-paw Juice

The Paw-paw Juice COB was created by Spirit, of The Haunted Creatures Shack. It is classified as a drink and can be downloaded from Creatures Caves.

Paw Paws are fruits that I used to eat as a kid down in the Ozarks.The fruits are very odd,shaped like fat,stubby bananas,kinda like what you'd get if you crossed a rotten banana and an old potato,hard to describe these things,they are only edible *after* they go black on the outside and soft,ok,ok,squishy,on the inside...and fall off the tree.They are so delicious though!Paw Paws remind me taste-wise of a cross between a sweet banana and a tart strawberry,yummy!They are loaded with sugars and lots of vitamins.Now norns can get a chance to taste this delectable but incredibly ugly fruit as a juice (I just can't bring myself to create a paw paw fruit,they are just too ugly.:) which gives them food value,cools them off and provides some vitamins to boot.:)

The Paw-paw Juice uses the class numbers:

  • 2 7 206