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PAT: BUTT is a C3 CAOS command used in compound objects to create buttons which can be activated and trigger events to happen, based on where the hand clicks on the agent. Button parts can be used from a different sprite file to the main object.[1]


PAT: BUTT (command) part_id (integer) sprite_file (string) first_image (integer) image_count (integer) rel_x (decimal) rel_y (decimal) rel_plane (integer) anim_hover (byte-string) message_id (integer) option (integer)

Create a button on a compound agent. Unlike PAT: DULL, the total images used (image_count) must be entered. anim_hover is an animation, (like the ANIM command), to use when the hand is hovering over the button - when the hand moves away, it returns to any previous animation that was going - this must be specified or the button will continue flashing. The message id is the event to trigger when the button is pushed, and the option is 0 for the hand to hit anywhere in the bounding box or 1 to hit only non-transparent pixels.

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