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Papriko is a well known Creatures 3 and Docking Station Player from Germany. He is quite often online on the DS server and very active in different Forums, such as CreaturesCaves, Creaturetopia and Mummy's. Sometimes he seems to have quite bad memories about older forum topics and conversations he had with other people.

It is not that much known about him, because he makes a big secret of facts from real life, such as his actual age or his name.

In the Community[edit]

When he exactly entered the Creatures Community is unclear, even he self isn't really sure. Some guess it was his registration date on CreaturesCaves, 10/6/2008. He mostly helps to answers minor questions and problems, although he posts in really important topics never or only at start.

At RPs he isn't good, but likes classic forum games such as "Ban the Person Above You".

Another thing that makes Papriko quite famous is the fact that he frequently changes his avatar. His avatars are usually a pepper. This pepper is always shown in new outfits.

Currently known are:

  • Pepper
  • Glowing Pepper
  • Hip-Hop Pepper
  • Pumpkin (for Halloween)
  • Santa Pepper (for Christmas)
  • Borg Pepper
  • Biohazard Pepper
  • Matrix Pepper
  • Psychotic Pepper
  • Animated Psychotic Pepper
  • Relief Pepper
  • Comic Pepper (a present by Borg12345)
  • Rainbow Pepper (a present by Ezzy)

At the DS server he describes himself as starting help for Newbies. He tracks down new people, answers a few questions and redirects them to the forums he is registered at.

When he is in bad mood, he sometimes just sends Norns around which crash other people's games.


  • Meeb
  • Too long English texts make my brain hurt XD
  • Lets play plants! photosynthesis... photosynthesis... photosynthesis...
  • My work IS fool-proof. It is created by one!