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PTXT is a CAOS command used to either return or set the text in the text part.



Syntax: PTXT (command) text (string)

Set string of current text part. Use PAT: TEXT or PAT: FIXD to make a text part, and PART to set the current part.

In the original display engine, you can use special tags to set TINT colours for characters. Use something like <tint 255 255 0> to begin colouring, and <tint> to end. The tint tag takes up to five parameters as the TINT command, they all default to 128 if not specified. Less than and greater than symbols are still printed if not within a tint tag. The tags also apply to text entry parts, but only when the text is initially set with PTXT; they are obeyed in a character count fashion during editing, but not updated.


Syntax: PTXT (string)

Returns the string of the current text part. See above for more information.


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