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PRT: INEW is a C3/DS CAOS command used when installing a connectable agent to create the input port.


PRT: INEW (command) id (integer) name (string) description (string) x (integer) y (integer) message_num (integer)

Create a new input port on target. You should number input port ids starting at 0. The message_num is the message that will be sent to the agent when a signal comes in through the input port. _P1_ of that message will contain the data value of the signal. The position of the port, relative to the agent, is given by x, y.


Installation of the anti-bacterial spray:

new: comp 3 8 19 "anti-infection spray" 10 0 5005
attr 199
** Creature can activate, pickup and hit.
bhvr 41
perm 64
elas 20
accg 1.64
fric 100
** Spray dull part - well why not? :)
pat: dull 1 "anti-infection spray" 10 4 -38 0
** Give it some ports!
prt: inew 0 "input" "anti-infection spray input" 14 42 2001
prt: onew 0 "output" "anti-infection spray output" 35 42
** Stick it in the medical bay!
mvto 1983 3877
SETV OV61 100
emit 18 .35

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