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PRAY source

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PRAY source is written as a plain-text file, with a .txt or .ps extension, that can be edited on Windows using Notepad. It can be compiled into a PRAY format (such as a .agent file) using Pray Builder or Jagent, or decompiled from an agent using REVELATION or Jagent.


An example PRAY source file for a .agent egg file containing new genetics and new Muco head preview images might be:


group EGGS "Fire Norn"
"Agent Type" 0
"Script Count" 0

"Genetics File" "norn.fire*"
"Egg Glyph File" "firemale.c16"
"Egg Glyph File 2" "firefemale.c16"
"Egg Gallery male" "firemale"
"Egg Gallery female" "firefemale"
"Egg Animation String" "0"

"Dependency Count" 4
"Dependency 1" "firefemale.c16"
"Dependency Category 1" 2
"Dependency 2" "firemale.c16"
"Dependency Category 2" 2
"Dependency 3" "norn.fire.gen"
"Dependency Category 3" 3
"Dependency 4" "norn.fire.gno"
"Dependency Category 4" 3

inline FILE "firefemale.c16" "firefemale.c16"
inline FILE "firemale.c16" "firemale.c16"
inline FILE "norn.fire.gen" "norn.fire.gen"
inline FILE "norn.fire.gno" "norn.fire.gno"

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