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PC Zone Cobs

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PC Zone was a computer magazine, which offered a CD of Creatures 2 COBs at some point during its run. These are available at Shady Acres Norn Stables, and also available at eem.foo. They include:

  • Tomato Machine - does what it says on the tin, dispenses fresh tomatoes anywhere (dispenser and fruit)
  • Chocolate Machine - Dispenses bars of chocolate (dispenser and food) which give glucose, fat, hunger decrease and boredom decrease.
  • Love Potion - "a fiery drink to stir even the most passionless creature into action" (drink)
  • Hip Flask - "for those long evenings in front of the fire, a wee dram of fire water" (toy)
  • Norn Doll - "a soft toy for your creatures" (toy)
  • Garden Gnome - "a lump of plastic to scare the fish and neighbours" - fishes in the small pond in the Incubator Room.
  • Picture - "a work of art for the more discerning viewer" - has the PC Zone logo, injects in the Incubator Room.