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Osterhase und Eier

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Osterhase und Eier (Easter Bunny And Eggs) is an agent by Marcus K. When injected, a vendor and an egg with a number on it will appear. The vendor produces Easter bunnies, which are edible but cause sleepiness. The bunnies will produce eggs, up to the amount specified by the number egg. When pushed, an egg will shower the creature that pushed it in flowers.

If the bunny is clicked on shortly before laying an egg, it can produce a special egg with a symbol on it:

  • Two rings: this egg clones the creature that pushes it
  • Gingko leaf: this egg prolongs the life of the creature that pushes it
  • Biohazard symbol: this egg is good for Toxic Norns (contains mainly alcohol)
  • Atom symbol: this egg teleports the creature that pushes it
  • Egg: this egg produces a new egg and a new norn will hatch.

It is available at Grendel Warehouse.