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Orfeo Norn

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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.

The Orfeo Norn is a third-party norn breed based on Orfeo's Albia 2000 avatar. They crawl, and have extremely tough immune systems. Orfeo Norns are usually mute and very hard to train, but they're really quite gentle. The Orfeo Norns were once under development, with Orfeo working on the genome and Blue_eyed_alley_catz working on the sprites.

The project seemed to be abandoned at one point, with Orfeo disappearing after the sprites were finished, and leaving the genome with a wallbonking-to-the-right glitch, and the genome may have been lost, thus leaving the breed without a genome or geneticist. The sprites were released for free use on Friday the 13th, July, 2007.

You could download the sprites here.

Orfeo Norn

NOTE: Above picture is not an accurate representation of the Orfeo Norns. These norns are Orfeo Norn mixes, and so do not all have exact Orfeo Norn traits.