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Operation Coal

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Operation Coal, begun by Allana and Amanda of Allana's Creatures was an investigation of Bibble, the language spoken by uneducated Norns.

The Goal[edit]

The goal of the project was to create a Bibble to English dictionary that would enable humans to understand Bibble by hearing alone, and to use the Bibble speech in their daily lives. The name of the project was derived from the moniker of the subject of the experiment, Coal, who was an immortal White Haired Pixie Norn.

The Results[edit]

By studying the syllables and sounds of English words being spoken by norns, a conclusive list of what the investigators called "Nornish" words was compiled.


Pull: yow-ha-doe

look: yow-ca-he

you: yow-ho

External Links[edit]

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