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Onyx Chichi Norn

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Onyx Chichi Norns.jpg

The Onyx Chichi Norns, created by KnyteTrypper, are the next variant of his Hunter Norn series. As a result of a download tracking survey, KnyteTrypper determined that the most popular breed downloads from his site were of breeds which used the basic Chichi Norn or Magma Norn sprites which made them suitable for use in Docking Station standalone worlds. He then re-edited the appearance genes of the Hunter Norn to use Chichi Norn sprites. The new genome has been further modified by color editing, so that the Onyx Chichis change color at each life stage, ending in a violet color so deep it's almost black, at adulthood.

The Onyx Chichis have a very long natural lifespan. They are resistant but not impervious to some poisons and diseases. They are less angry than the original Hunter Norns, but are still likely to do the Angry Dance whenever they express. They generally get along well with other norns, somewhat less well with ettins, and will still relentlessly attack grendels whenever they're found.

They were available for download at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus but are now available at Creatures Caves. A CFE edition is also available at Creatures Caves.