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ORRV is a CAOS command for a bitwise operation.


Syntax: ORRV var (int variable) mask (int)

Performs a bitwise OR operation on var. Wherever either var or mask contains a 1 bit, so will the corresponding bit in var after the operation. In C, this is var = var | mask.

Both arguments should be integer, but mask will be cast if not. They are treated as 32-bit integers signed using two's complement.


Here is a numeric example:

SETV va00 41   * 41  = %00101001
ORRV va00 186  * 186 = %10111010
OUTV va00
    187        * 187 = %10111011

This constructs ORRV va00 va01 using ANDV and NOTV, with C-style commentary:

               * va00 = A; va01 = B
NOTV va00      * va00 = ~A
NOTV va01      * va01 = ~B
ANDV va00 va01 * va00 = ~A & ~B
NOTV va00      * va00 = ~(~A & ~B)

ANDV has an example for constructing XOR.

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