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Acorn Plant

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An Acorn Plant in Terra

Acorn Plants (Quercus faheyensis) first appear in Creatures 2. These small bushes produce a single nut at a time. In Creatures 2, Acorn Nuts are classified as fruit, and have the following effects:

Nut plants can be monitored in the Ecology Kit. To germinate, the fruit requires an inorganic nutrients level between 70 and 100.

Once a creature takes a bite out of the nut, it leaves behind a half-eaten nut that is inedible, but still classified as fruit - this can confuse creatures. The One Chomp Nuts COB fixes this. Zap created a Modified Tomatoes & Nuts COB which altered the nuts to be invisible until they were ripe and fix a problem where they would sometimes get stuck in one pose.

The Acorn Plant was converted for Docking Station as part of the Terra metaroom. The DS version of this plant's nut is classified as a seed.