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Nova Norn

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The Nova Norns are a genetic breed for C3/DS which use Bondi Norn sprites.

They are a bright yellow that gets even lighter with age. They have highly mutated pigmentation genes and orange or green novas often appear as early as the second generation!

Novanorns are adapted to life on spaceships. They actually feel comfortable everywhere and like to travel around, they even get a little bored in norn home. They know they can use the teleporters to get away from other norns. They feel slightly cramped in large groups and they avoid arguments. Instead of playing with toys, they prefer to play around with tools and machines. For nature, on the other hand, they have little left. Animals bore them and they are much more sensitive to dangerous animals and plants. It is a very bad idea to feed them animals and insects because they will make them very ill! On the other hand, they know that vending machines contain food and serve themselves. They are a little smarter when looking for food because they follow the smell of food. In fact, they are so specialized in life in space that they use radioactivity as an energy source! They convert heavy metals to glucose and they help them build muscle tissue. Strong light heals even their wounds! They convert cyanide into essential vitamins.

They are available to download at Eemfoo.org.