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Norntropolis was created in August of 1999 as a Creatures website that revolved around the theme of a bustling metropolis. Featuring content dedicated to the first in the Creatures series, Norntropolis boasts hundreds of COBs and Norns available for download, as well as an extensive list of external community links.

Summary of Content[edit]

An all-C1 site, this webpage has an impressive collection of downloads featuring COBs and Creatures.

History of Website[edit]

Norntropolis was first conceived during the winter of 1999 by Erin MacMillan and an unnamed friend who is no longer a member of the community. During the several months that the pair developed the website, progress was slow, and eventually slowed to a halt. Erin later picked up the threads in August of the same year, and Norntropolis as we know it today was born.

Norntropolis' home from 1999 until the winter of 2002 was Angelfire, and some remnants of the old website can be viewed here. Tired of endless pop-up banners and unable to pay for extra server space, Norntropolis accepted hosting from Albia 2000, where they can currently be found.

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • Norntropolis hosts nearly 200 COBs created by various authors, as well as over 200 Norns.
  • Norntropolis turned five years old on August 12th, 2005