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Norngirl is a community member who created several breeds with her own sprites and own genetics. She also made some Agents for C3/DS and also a lot of little other things for Creatures. Her website is Norngirl's temporary Storage place. Her very first website was Norngirl's Paradizia Place (does NOT exist anymore).

Often busy with creating new breeds and being on the creative side.She enjoys to make sprites for her own breeds, but also for her agents, as well as making sounds/music bits that are also used for her agents. She has collaborated many times with other Creatures members with their code talents to help bring her agents to life.

Her current goal is to finish off her current breeds for C2, C3 and DS, as well revamp her older breeds with better sprites and perhaps new genomes.
She always try to be kind and helpful to other people as well and try her best to help out when she can.

Norngirl enjoys drawing a lot, including drawings of Creatures-related things as well other videogames, animes, cartoons and movies she enjoys and and her own made original creations. She also loves videogaming, reading and in general being creative.

Norngirl likes the C1's Purple Mountain Norn, one of her most favourite Norn breeds, and draws herself as one for her self-made avatar images.

She is an old creature player, having played the original creatures C1 game when she was around 8-10 years old and onwards been growing up with playing the other Creatures titles, but it wasn't until she was around 13 years old she discovered the way to make breeds.

Fun facts[edit]

  • She is known as Norngirl on Creatures forums, but at her old YouTube with creatures related videos, she is known as NornyChan. However there been a few blogs and pages under the username Norngirl that are NOT the one and same Norngirl here!

She is only found under that name on Creatures Caves, Albia2000, Creaturetopia. Her old YouTube account is the only one with a different name.

  • She had a black cat named Aaron, named after the male PMN starter creature. She got him as a kitten when she was 10 years old. Sadly, he passed away may 7 2012 at age 16.
  • She was the first one to make her own custom made DS GUI. She also made her own custom made hand sprites for herself and her sister.
  • Certain Parts of all sprites she make are drawn from scratch with a PC mouse, not a tablet.

Good examples are: the Maned Spotted Aardvark's tail, feet, the Pig Grendel's tail or the Albian Bat Norn's wings, tail and feet.

  • Her sister is known as Grendelgirl (now known as IzumiSabi in the Creatures community since 2017). Glettin was her original creation and breed idea.

Creatures Development[edit]

Creatures 1[edit]

Breeds she made for Creatures 1:

Genetic breeds[edit]

Creatures 2[edit]

Breeds she made for Creatures 2:

Genetic breeds[edit]

Genetical breeds she made for Creatures 2:

  • Several to be added.

Creatures 3 / Docking Station[edit]

Breeds she made for Creatures 3 and Docking Station:

Converted Breeds she made for Creatures 3 and Docking Station:

- In helping with fixing up the Att files -

Genetic breeds[edit]

Breeds she made for Creatures 3 and Docking Station:

Creatures Village[edit]

Breeds for Creatures Village:

Breeds In Progress[edit]

  • A upcoming breed she is working on together with her sister.
  • Some new breeds in progress for C3/DS (add more here once theyre closer to be done)
  • Revamp Old Breed Project - Updates the very first breeds she made,improving them with new sprites,but also other things.

Old Pending Breeds[edit]

  • Raska Norns (C3 DS)- First experimental 3D using sprites.Might be canceled.
  • Lamunga (C2) - Mermaid norns (unlike Wafuru's mernorns,They are permanent seadwellers.Sprites may be remade.
  • Angelic/Angel Norns (C2) Angel looking norns,probably will be made.
  • PMN Gryph (C2) - Purple Mountain Gryph's,based on her own PMN Gryph character.Might be done.
  • Chikare Ettins (C3 DS) - based on her Easter creation,Old concept,Might be relpaced by another breed.
  • Dragon Grendel (C2-C3/DS) Dragon Grendels, which change appearance when aging; - Pending.


Various Patches:

  • The CA Floating Ear & Hair fix for Grendels (DS)
  • CA Genetic Update for the CA2DS Norns
  • C2toDS Grendel arm fix
  • Purple Mountain Norn male Blue eye fix for C2 and C1
  • C1toDS patch (fixing and adding various missing sprites (Complete,Not Released)
  • C2toDS Float Head fix (Allmost done,not released)
  • C2 Frog Norns ported to DS/C3 (Done,Not released)


These Agents/Cobs were created in cooperation with various people, due to her lack of coding skills:

Cooperation with Ghosthande:

Cooperation with Papriko:

  • The Floating Lightup Umbrella Toy C3/DS
  • The Addicitve Suicide Juice vendor (only offered sprites; concept and idea fully belong to Papriko) C3/DS
  • CA Balloon Maker port for C3/DS

Cooperation with Ylukyun - helped with coding :

  • Jigglybox - The Jigglypuff Music Box C3/DS

Cooperation with Geek2Nurse :

  • Toxes - Toxical Roses C3/DS, (for Toxic Norns) (Sort of done,but never released)

Cooperation with Doringo - helped with coding & sounds :


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