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Norngarden 4

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Norngarden 4 (aka Aqua-garden) is the fourth of four (Norngarden 1, Norngarden Xmas, Norngarden 2) metarooms designed to fit together. It was created by Tomtschek.

The center of Norngarden 4

"The Norngarden is a biosphere module that can be connected with the Docking Station and the Shee ship. Its not totally clear if its origin was Shee or not. It is not known if all these plants are artificially created or collected." -- Taken from the Norngarden homepage.

Norngarden 4 is the home of the Aquanorn, and is only available through the Give-to-Get-Special. Norngarden 4 overlaps with the Monturarrium.

Native Critters:

Native Plants:

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