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Norngarden 1

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Favorite places icon for Norngarden 1
Screenshot of the original Norngarden, central area

Norngarden 1 is the first of four (Norngarden Xmas, Norngarden 2, Norngarden 4) metarooms designed to fit together. It was created by Helen and Tomtschek.

"The Norngarden is a biosphere module that can be connected with the Docking Station and the Shee ship. Its not totally clear if its origin was Shee or not. It is not known if all these plants are artificially created or collected." -- the Norngarden homepage.

Norngarden 1

Native Critters:

Native Plants:

Note that the room is missing a soundfile, so eating the fish will cause an error when the game can't find it. (This can be gotten around by copying one of the food-eating sounds that comes with the game, then renaming it 'mapf.wav'.) Some of the species (for example, the tiny blue fish) may eventually go extinct when creatures are kept in the room. It is also possible for creatures to fall off the upper ledge on one side, and creatures can easily drown in the pond. Something like the Stopper Plant can be used to keep them out, but because creatures can see the fish and the fish nuts, or toys that have rolled into the pond, they will still want to enter it. The stims related to plants and leaves may be slightly confusing to creatures.

This agent is known to cause conflicts with OS X Creatures