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  • Addresses:
    • nornaholics.co.uk (archive)
    • nornaholics.creatureslife.net (newer site, archive)
  • Webmaster: alanna
  • Staff/Contributors: Maxite, Nornavis
  • Ran from/to: 1998 - 11 August 2001 (last update)

Summary of Content[edit]

Forums, stories by Maxite and Nornavis, C1 and C3 adoptions, some C1 COBs and general tidbits, including Reasons to be Afraid of the people at CL

History of Website[edit]

The first version of the website was uploaded in 1998, followed by a frames-based version in 1999. The site was updated with a new green and yellow theme on 20 February 2001, but soon returned to its trademark powder-blue.

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • Nornaholics was actually started in 1997, in Microsoft Publisher ("bad idea")