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Norn Woodland Fix Patch

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The Norn Woodland Fix Patch is a comprehensive suite of COS file updates to the Norn Terrarium ecology by Vampess, released for the CCSF 2009. The resulting ecology, depending on the amount of creatures it has to support, is generally more stable than the ecology as shipped with the game. Vampess notes that to retain the carrots, more heat is needed, and recommends turning off Toilet Control.

The elements altered by the Norn Woodland Fix Patch are as follows:

The butterfly and pigeon files included in this pack use some DS-only CAOS commands and are best used in docked worlds.

The Norn Woodland Fix Patch can be downloaded from the DS/C3 Fixes section of the archived Creatures Heaven website, and is also available at Eemfoo.org.

A similar fix is included within the Steam release of C3/DS.

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