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Norn Terrarium

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Favorite places icon for the Norn Terrarium

The most peaceful part of the Shee Ark is, predictably, home to the Norns. Also in this terrarium are doors to the Learning Room, the Graveyard, the Jungle Terrarium, and the Bridge.

The room features a bustling but somewhat unbalanced ecosystem. Food sources include apples, carrots and the seeds that fall from the tree, as well as a Cheese Machine in the lower level. Among the wildlife are Trout, Grazers, Gosh-hawks, Dragonflies, Ants, Bees, and numerous other critters.

The central Norn Terrarium

It also contains the Recycler that will recycle unneeded items, turning them into bioenergy for the ship, and a seed bank to replenish some of the flora and fauna of the Norn Terrarium.

There is a Treehouse and Egg Layer in this Terrarium. There are several places in the trees for birds to build nests. There is also a pond.

Native Critters:

Native Plants:

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