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Norn Day Ball

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This Norn Day Ball was made especially for the participants of Norn and Grendel Day, May 23, 1998. Norn and Grendel Day was a special day when everyone gave their Creatures lots of extra love and attention. Show your Creatures that you care! Make every day a Norn and Grendel Day!

This COB was made by Spotling and is available at her website, Spotling's Norn and Grendel Paradise, and also at Eemfoo.org.

The Norn and Grendel Day Ball is a "toy".

When used, the Ball has the following effects:

Its classifiers are:

It clashes with the Red Spuzz by Jessica.

This COB was created with Alexander Laemmle's Creatures Object Editor 1.5 (Thank you, Alex!!!).