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No CD for DS

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If you want to prevent DS from complaining about needing a C3 disc for docked worlds, then all that you need to do is open "machine.cfg" from your DS folder with a text editor and modify "Game Name" "Docking Station" to have anything besides "Docking Station". (e.g. "Game Name" "Docked" or "Game Name" "Exodus")

Note: Exodus doesn't require a CD to play, so this isn't really any different. Someone was also using this method to get a normal DS install to work with C3 Exodus without installing the Creatures Remastered Patch. In which case, all that you need to do is copy "machine.cfg" from your "C:\Program Files\Gameware Development\Creatures Exodus\Docking Station" folder (or wherever you installed it) to your normal DS folder. You WILL need to change the Game Name from "Docking Station" to something else in this case, as you may not have the C3 CD (the Exodus CD will NOT qualify.)

Possible Problems: Please understand that by doing this, "gnam" will not report "Docking Station" and thus anything that depends on this may not work properly. Ron's House falls into this category.

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