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NEW: SIMP is a CAOS command which creates a simple agent.


Syntax: NEW: SIMP family (int) genus (int) species (int) imagefile (string) count (int) first (int) plane (int)

Creates a simple agent of the class specified by the first three arguments, which uses sprites from the file imagefile.c16 or .s16 in the Images directory. The first sprite (POSE 0) will be at an offset of first from the start of the file, and count sprites on from this will be used. The agent will be at the specified plane - generally from 0 (furthest back) to 9000 (near the front).

The agent will use the scripts assigned to its class number. These are defined with SCRP..ENDM blocks.

If the coder sets the "first sprite used in the sprite file" to a non-0 number, that number is then considered as 0 for the ANIM and POSE commands as the base has shifted.


From Making a Vendor for C3: Create new simple object with the classifier 2 23 10, using the sprite 'fishbowl'. Use 2 pictures from inside the 'fishbowl' sprite, and use those 2 pictures starting at position 0 in the file. Place the object in the 5000 image plane.

new: simp 2 23 10 "fishbowl" 2 0 5000

See Inject Your First Object.

Keep in mind when creating a vendor that NEW: blocks (such as creating the vended object) change the TARG to be the new object.[1]

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