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Neuroscience Kit

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The Neuroscience Kit powerup is available in this room.

The Neuroscience Kit is a bonus kit in Creatures 2, which is available by a powerup. To use the Neuroscience Kit, a norn must be selected. There are three tabs available, Activity, Layout and Decisions.


The Activity tab shows neural activity inside the creature's brain. The brain is divided into lobes, with each lobe represented as a box. The player can "fire" a neuron by selecting the strength on the slider and clicking on the neuron they wish to fire. Any strength above 100% could damage or kill a neuron. Links between neurons are shown with blue and red lines. Players can switch one or both of these sets of lines off with the Display options check-boxes.


The layout tab shows brain layout and summary of brain lobes. This page allows the player to see how many neurons are in each lobe. By clicking on a neuron the player can see all links that neuron has to other ones. For ease of use, you can zoom in and out with the In and Out buttons.


The decisions tab summarises brain activity in the decision lobe of the brain. When a neuron in this lobe "fires", then the creature will perform the appropriate activity. The player can effectively watch their creatures "think" using this page. The Reward and Punishment meters at the bottom of this page show the creature learning.