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Neko Ettin

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The Neko Ettins were made by Norngirl for Creatures 3/Docking Station. They take up Ettin slot H. The word Neko originates from Japan meaning "cat" in Japanese. Hence the name, as the Neko Ettins have a cat-like appearance.

In the picture, the male is shown to the left while the female is shown to the right.

Both genders wear blue banded necklaces with a golden bell. The male's hair is shorter than the female's hair, that is the only way to tell them apart by appearance. Both genders have black paws, feet, and ears, yellow tails, bellies, and hair, red fur surrounding the belly, wide-blue eyes, and little red markings on their cheeks.

Also, Neko Ettins of both genders have the same sprites for all life-stages.

The Neko Ettins love the hand and will push it when bored, lonely or scared. They also ignore gadgets, unlike the standard Ettins, but love toys. So much in fact that they not only push them but even follow the toy around! They prefer the Norn home as their own and seek it out especially when they are feeling lonely or in need of comfort. They also follow around their mate when they are ready to breed. They also tend to follow Norns when bored or lonely, if any nearby. They have a bit of a temper against Grendels if they are angry or in pain.

Neko Ettins have the ability to help the player by seeking powerups in Creatures 3. However, Creatures 3 by default only allows Norns to activate powerups, so extra coding is required for this feature to fully work. So for now, splicing a Neko Ettin with a Norn would be able to pass on the helpful trait. The genome Norngirl made was based on standard C3 Ettin, and they have a lifespan of a Bondi Norn.

They are available at Norngirl's temporary Storage place.

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