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Need for Pleasure

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Need for Pleasure (also known as NFP) is a drive in Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 that can be understood as a measure of sadness, or the need to seek out happiness. It can be monitored in the Science Kit. NFP can be reduced in many ways, such as:

Norns typically say that they're trying to "get yes" when they're feeling a high need for pleasure.

The Hippy Norns have a unique digestion system, where they use glycogen to reduce their drives and derive nutrition from reducing their Need for Pleasure.

Need for Pleasure is not a drive within Creatures 3 and Docking Station.

Creatures 1 drive number reference table[edit]

Chemical #
Drive Need for Pleasure 2
Increase Need for Pleasure Increase 18
Decrease Need for Pleasure Decrease 34

Additional Information[edit]

Steve Grand described NFP in the following way:

"When I designed the drive system I realized that most drives are bad if they get stronger and good if they get weaker. We want to be LESS lonely, less hungry, less tired. But we want to be MORE happy (or whatever the word is for generally feeling pleasure). So I had to kind of invert it and describe it as the NEED for pleasure. The more pleasure you get, the more your need for it goes DOWN, and so the neurochemistry works out the same way as for the other drives – you get rewarded by anything which reduces hunger or reduces the need for pleasure."

ArchDragon theorized that the main way a Norn reduces this drive is by being tickled by the hand.