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NEW: VHCL is a C3 CAOS command.


NEW: VHCL (command) family (integer) genus (integer) species (integer) sprite_file (string) image_count (integer) first_image (integer) plane (integer)

Create a new vehicle. Parameters are the same as NEW: COMP, the sprite file is for the first part, which is made automatically. Similarly, image_count and first_image are for that first part. The plane is the absolute plane of part 1 - the planes of other parts are relative to the first part.


From new lift script:

new: vhcl 3 1 1000 "tuto_new_lifts" 1 0 10
*Open air cabin
attr 512
*Creatures can push and pull
bhvr 3
*Define cabin properties
cabn 0 0 122 151
cabp 50
cabw 10
*ov00 = lift state (0 = still; 1 = moving)
setv ov00 0
*ov01 = current level (starts on bottom)
setv ov01 0
*ov16 = what button you're travelling to
seta ov16 null
*Mark this lift for later
seta va16 targ

*Add gate that keeps creatures in (probably)
pat: dull 1 "tuto_new_lifts" 1 0 0 200
*Add buttons
pat: dull 2 "tuto_new_lifts" 2 90 65 1
*Move to desired location
mvto 74160 71485