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NEW: CRAG is a CAOS command in C3/DS that denotes the creation of a creature.


Syntax: NEW: CRAG family (int) moniker (string) slot (int) sex (int) variant (int)

Creates a creature. moniker is the genome that will be used for the creature and must first be initialized using GENE LOAD; the correct slot must be specified as well. sex can be set to 0 for random, 1 for male, and 2 for female. If variant is set to 0 then the creature will have a random variant from 1 to 8; otherwise, it will have the variant specified.


Creates a Chichi Norn, processes its instincts, and creates a life event for its birth.

gene load targ 1 "norn.chichi06.ex47" 
new: crea 4 targ 1 0 0
doin ins#

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