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NEW: CRAG is a CAOS command in C3/DS which creates a non-skeletal creature; that is, a creature that uses the sprites of an agent.


Syntax: NEW: CRAG family (int) moniker (string) slot (int) sex (int) variant (int) imagefile (string) count (int) first (int) plane (int)

Creates a non-skeletal creature. The first 5 parameters are the same as in NEW: CREA; the last 4 are the same as in NEW: COMP.

Non-skeletal creatures will cause errors in the UI unless the Crag Patch is installed. This patch can be downloaded as part of the Robotic Creatures Pack on Eem Foo's Archive.


Creates new non-skeletal creature with the genome of a Chichi Norn, processes its instincts, and creates a life event for its birth.

gene load targ 1 "norn.chichi06.ex47" 
new: crag 4 targ 1 0 0 "example" 1 0 2000
doin ins#

There are only two known agents that use this command, these being the aforementioned Robotic Creatures by Sgeo and the Rainbow Sharkling Grendels by Risen Angel.