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NEW: COMP is a CAOS command which creates a compound agent.


Syntax: NEW: COMP (command) family (integer) genus (integer) species (integer) sprite_file (string) image_count (integer) first_image (integer) plane (integer)

Create a new compound agent. The sprite file is for the first part, which is made automatically. Similarly, image_count and first_image are for that first part. The plane is the absolute plane of part 1 - the planes of other parts are relative to the first part.

If the coder sets the "first sprite used in the sprite file" to a non-0 number, that number is then considered as 0 for the ANIM and POSE commands as the base has shifted.


From Simple GUI:

Create new compound object with the classifier 2 24 11111, using the sprite 'tutogui'. Use 4 pictures from inside the 'tutogui' sprite, and use those 4 pictures starting at position 0 in the file. Place the object in the 9900 image plane.

new: comp 2 24 11111 "tutogui" 4 0 9900

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