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Mummy's Creatures

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Mummy's Creatures

Mummy's Creatures is one of the longest-running Creatures Community sites. It is German-speaking, but has a large translated English section.

  • Addresses:
  • Webmaster: Mummy
  • Language: German / English
  • Ran from/to: 20 June 1999 - 20 June 2012 (however the website is still online and some files can still be accessed)

Summary of Content[edit]

The English part of Mummy's Creatures website is mostly translated stuff from the bigger German section of the page. For Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 / Docking Station you'll find a lot of norns to download as well as breeds, COBs, egg sprites and agents. There's also a clearly laid-out overview of all breeds existing for Creatures 2 and Creatures 3.

In the German section you'll find a lot of information, tips and cheats for Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 and a smaller amount for Creatures 1.

For Creatures 1 you'll find:

For Creatures 2 and Creatures 3 you'll find:

Creatures 2 breeds:

Creatures 2 worlds:

Creatures 3 breeds:

Docking Station breeds:

Besides all this, you'll find a large name list as well as a very large link list including links to English, German and French pages.

You'll also find special events ("Aktionen") started by Mummy (and their results) for everyone to participate in, such as Aktion Farbtopf, Aktion Pentatypus, Aktion Millennium Norn, Aktion Limited Edition and Aktion Breed Detective.

Mummy also operates Mummy's Creatures Forum.

History of Website[edit]

Having played Creatures since 1997, Mummy (the author of Mummy's Creatures) started her website on 20 June 1999. The design looked completely different from the current one and there were of course only two sections: one for Creatures 1 (just a page with norns to download) and one for Creatures 2 with a breed list, norns, COBs, a name list for norns as well as already a very large link list.

Creatures 3 appeared on the market at the beginning of 2000, and soon Mummy's Creatures opened a third section to cater for it.

In May 2000, as Mummy realised that her site was known already to a bigger audience than just the German Creatures Community, the English section was opened and some of the content of the German section got translated.

As the site now grew big and bigger, the site's navigation got more and more confusing, therefore Mummy decided that the site needed a major update. She fused somewhat the previously separated Creatures sections and made the navigation easier. This design held out for 2 years, and in 2002 with all the new breeds, events, norns, informations etc. the site had already grown to more than 200 pages. The site then underwent another redesign showing the now actual outlook.

The full history of Mummy's Creatures can be read (in German) on the website: history of Mummy's Creatures. In January 2018, the content of the website was reduced to focus on downloads and the lists of male and female names.

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • Mummy likes the colour blue, as you can see by the actual design and the mascot of her site, called "Fluffy" that was given to her by Zauberfee and Tica.
  • At the bottom of the index page, there's a link to a small statistics page about the site. It says that Mummy's Creatures usually gets between 150 and 200 hits per day!