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Mummy (aka Jutta) is the creator and maintainer of Mummy's Creatures.

Her site contains a great deal of information mainly about Creatures 2 and Creatures 3, but also information about Creatures 1 (only in the German section of her site). She also hosts quite a lot of norns to download for all versions of Creatures as well as agents and COBs for all the games.

On her site you'll find a breed list of all norn species created (with sprite pictures) as well as an overview of all existing breeds, with and without sprites. Her site is regularly updated.

Mummy initiated many projects ("Aktionen") in which players could participate (e.g. Aktion Farbtopf, Norn des Monates, Norn der Woche etc.)

She is also the creator of these C2 Norn breeds:

and the following C3 Norn breeds:

Mummy is also creator and maintainer of Mummy's Creatures Forum, a forum mainly for German speaking Creatures players.