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Multi-Agent Gold

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Multi Agent Gold Interface

The Multi-Agent Gold has six different functions, and is invisible to creatures. Like the Favorite Places icons, this agent wil float within the window and go everywhere the Hand goes. Control clicking anywhere on the Multi Agent Gold will pick it up so it can be moved to a different location on the screen.

The top row contains three buttons, which have the following functions (from left to right).

  • Shee Ship Symbol - increases Bioenergy to 1000 units. Only really useful for C3.
  • Lightbulb Symbol - teaches all creatures the full vocabulary.
  • Anti-Bacterial Spray Symbol - Injects all creatures on screen with a double dose of General Cure.

The bottom row also has three buttons, with these functions (from left to right).

  • Cheese, Apple and Pumperspikel Symbol - Dispenses one food, one fruit and one seed.
  • Male/Female Symbol - Injects arousal potential and sex drive into the currently selected creature. Has no effect on immature creatures.
  • Bongo Drums Symbol - Injects a Robot Toy (DS), Bongo Drums (C3) or either one (C3+DS)

Created by Hausmouse, Multi Agent Gold can be downloaded from Hausmouse's Creatures 3 Page.

This agent is compatible with OS X