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Muco is the egg layer that comes with Docking Station and resembles a large, grey, lizard-like creature. A true marvel of Shee biomechanical engineering, Muco, like Capillata, is part animal and part machine. Due to the limitations of the classification system, Muco is considered a "machine".

Two buttons, one male and one female, allow the player to select the gender of the egg, and clicking on the smaller flashing button will ask Muco to lay it. The original version of Docking Station only comes with one breed of Norn, the ChiChi Norns, but as more are added you can cycle through them by clicking the creature's face on the egg laying screen.

Muco will often display a purple question mark instead of a baby creature face for third party breeds. Laying an egg from that breed should fix this, as it will unpack the appropriate sprite and body data files. If the problem persists, you may have a split installation.

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