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Mr. Bubbles

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Mr. Bubbles v1.1

Mr. Bubbles is a Creatures 2 toy COB that was made by Ira, with graphics by Michelle, and previously hosted on Iggdrasil. It is a purple Giant Clam with a pipe-like structure coming out of its "mouth", from which it blows bubbles when activated. This lowers creatures' Boredom and Need for Pleasure by the maximum amount as well as providing Air, meaning this COB can help prevent creatures from drowning.

The original version of Mr. Bubbles had problems with its sprites: some contained stray pixels or were not aligned with the others, making the toy appear to "wobble", and a scripting error prevented the last frame of its animation from playing. These issues were later fixed by Jabber for the Creatures Caves upload. This version also has slightly revamped sprites, shown to the left, and excess silence removed from the beginning of its sound file.

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