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Sarah Gould

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SG Gould (Sarah Gould, Moonlite, Sarako) is a Creatures player who joined the Creatures community in 1997 and has run the fan sites Moonlite's Web Nest and later Home Sweet Albia (and now under their personal website, Zenzoa). They created a number of COBs for C1 and agents for C3, as well as tools for C1 and C3. Some of their creations were done in collaboration with their sibling, Tiriel (formerly Max).


Moonlite's Web Nest was active 1997-2001. SG's early work included fan fiction, a radio show, and adoptable Norns. They very quickly started making COBs and Norn breeds as well as tools created in Visual Basic. While they didn't create anything for C2, they started creating content again for C3 and Docking Station. Notable creations include Agent Works, xPray, and ATTRCalc.

After 2001, the website name was changed several times, to Creatures University and then to Creatures Island. Little to no new content was added during this time, however.

SG created Home Sweet Albia in 2006 to share their latest work and tips and tricks for playing Creatures Exodus on a Macintosh. Notable content created during this period include the Bubble Blower agent and a Mac Exodus Key Commands Patch.

For CCSF 2006, they wrote a comprehensive tutorial for budding agent-smiths on the Macintosh platform. tutorial

In 2018, after re-installing C1 for a time, they created an online, open-source Creatures Sprite Viewer for C1 SPR files. sprite viewer


SG has always loved virtual pets, but has yet to find anything as amazing as the Creatures series. They've studied linguistics, landscape architecture, UX design, and now works in the games industry while making tiny games and game-like-things on the side. Their favorite activities are going on walks, reading science fiction, and playing with their (non-virtual) pet rats. (And rats don't even run into walls repeatedly!)

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