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The Monturrarium is a C3/DS metaroom in the style of the third-party C2 world Montu. It overlaps with the Garbage Dump and Norngarden 4. Don't try and use both at once.

Screenshot of the Monturrarium

The Monturrarium is known to clash with the Matu Cactus, and will cause the game to crash if installed. Though it originally came without cellular automata emitters, a patch was created, and a patched version is available under the name 'Heated Monturrarrium'. The room has a few mapping issues; if a creature wanders too close to the piranha pond, it will not be able to return back up the slope as the room edges do not match, and creatures on the bottom level cannot be picked up. The bugs in the room are also inedible, which may be confusing to creatures.

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This agent is known to cause conflicts with OS X Creatures