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Mizgiwir (also known as Miz, Mizzy, Misgiwir and - against his will - Missy) has been a member of the community since at least the year 2000, perhaps earlier.

Besides designing sprites for various people throughout the years, he created and managed the site TechnoBibble, which featured some COBs, Community references, games and humor, and his C2 Norn Breed, the Phantom Norns (a blank C2 Norn Sprite set, allowing people to easily make limb-less norns).

Mizgiwir later worked for Creature Creations where he posted news and his popular (though short lived) comic strip series, The Young and the Brainless. He is probably best known as a former regular in JRChat and in other community chatrooms, and also for his fabled "cheese-hat", which is now owned by former community member Fishgal. For the CCSF 2006, Mizgiwir created a flash Norn.