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Mike's Creatures

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Mike's Creatures
  • Addresses:
    • www.frimlin.co.nz/mike/ (archived)
    • www.norngod.com/mike (old, down)
    • users.kbi.com/miker/creatures (very old, down)
  • Webmaster: Mike Raiford
  • Ran from/to: 27 December 1998 - 13 February 2000 (last update)
  • Motto: "Home of GEL (and other things)"

Summary of Content[edit]

GEL, the Creatures and Creatures 2 genetic editor, as well as some research and the following objects:

History of Website[edit]

Launched shortly before the release of GEL on New Year's Day 1999, it went down in May when Mike left his job. Moved to NORNGod's NORNMania! in September 1999, only to move again to Frimlin's Creatures in October when NORNGod's domain registration lapsed.